The Cassius Video Carephone

The Cassius Video Carephone

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The Cassius Video Carephone is a simple communications device that allows people with little or no technological ability to have two-way video contact with family, friends and carers.

Simply by touching a picture on the screen, you can make or receive a video call to or from a pre-approved list of people.

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Key Features



For ultimate ease of use, each contact is represented as a tile or photo on the screen. Carers and family members will be given access to an online portal or use the Alcove Connect App to make voice and video calls. 

Carers can send reminders through the Carephone, including prompts to take actions such as taking medicine. These can be set up as a daily, weekly or one-off reminder. 

Carers are able to send text messages to the Video Carephone, if required. For example, to let someone know they are running late or to send a goodnight message. 

Group calls can be set up through the Alcove Portal, allowing multiple Video Carephone users to join a chat. This feature is often used for birthdays and special occasions when family members and friends are unable to come together in person.

Who/What is it for

Helping people to stay connected with friends and family members and so they do not feel lonely or isolated

People with little to no technology ability 

People who may have mobility challenges, sensory disabilities or who are unable to communicate on a telephone

People who may need prompts and reminders (and are able to read)

To prevent, reduce or delay the need for additional care

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