Life Changing Moments & Impacts

Jack's Story
The Power of Smart Home Technology and Feeling In Control. A while ago, Jack in Ipswich was attacked on his door step by someone he did not know and whom had a knife. The attacker stabbed Jack with a knife...
Fred's Story
The Power of GPS and Geofencing. Sian's dad, Fred, was provided with a Cassius Smartwatch due to his tendency to wander. Last week, he ventured outside of the geofencing boundary which is set to 150 metres which triggered the alert...
Edith's Story
The Power of a Local Monitoring and Response Service. Edith has been given a Cassius Falls Wearable One day, Edith fell in the bathroom and couldn't get up because her wheelchair was in the way. She used the Cassius Go...
Jessica's Story
The power of connecting families, using the Cassius Video Carephone. Jessica is 83 and lives with her dog in Bury St Edmunds. Her husband passed away eight years ago but she is very close to her two daughters Helen and...
Catherine's Story
Catherine lives alone with her two cats and has recently returned home after a long stay in hospital. She had a temporary placement while she was being assessed and was referred to Cassius. 
Janet's Story

Janet has a diagnosis of dementia and her social worker referred her to have a Sensor Kit installed so that her sister, Meg, could keep track of her movements. 

Barry's Story
Barry attends a day services, care farm run by Potsford Care Services Limited in Suffolk. During the Covid lockdowns, he was unable to visit the farm and really missed the animals.