Subscription ONLY - Cassius Go Wearable

Subscription ONLY - Cassius Go Wearable

Regular price £50 every 3 months

Subscription ONLY - *Payments are made quarterly from the date of purchase*


The Cassius Go Wearable is a tear-drop shaped device that can be attached to keys or worn as a necklace. The user may raise an alarm by pressing and holding both buttons on the device which will send an alert through the Alcove Portal. Carers with access will be notified and are then able to speak to the user through the hands-free speakerphone.

With a built-in SIM card, the device works without the need for WiFi so can be used both at home and when out. Furthermore, the device is also able to send GPS coordinates in an emergency.

In addition, the device also has a falls detector installed so that, when worn as a necklace, it can raise the call upon detection of a fall without the need for the user to press buttons.

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