Subscription ONLY - Cassius Sensors

Subscription ONLY - Cassius Sensors

Regular price £50 every 3 months

 Subscription ONLY - *Payments are made quarterly from the date of purchase*


The Cassius Sensors are a great option for people who live independently but who would benefit from knowing that help can be provided if ever needed.

They are small, non-intrusive devices which monitor movements passively without the use of camera, video, or microphone.  They are wireless and detect movement, triggering alerts if there are any changes to regular activity.

Carers may use the Alcove Portal to monitor daily activity and respond quickly to any cause for concern.
Our Sensor package includes:

Door sensors
Motion sensors 
Sensors for environmental monitoring (smoke, heat, nutrition, carer activity)
Smart plugs

    Sensors require a Wi-Fi connection in the property. However, if Wi-Fi is not available 4G routers can be provided instead.

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